A much discussed programme of building work, which will see a new walkway to the city for cruise passengers alighting at Los Marmoles, Arrecife’s main cruiseliner port, is due to start on Monday, 13th April.

Lanzarote has long been criticised by cruise passengers and operators alike for the poor quality of access between Los Marmoles and the city centre that involves walking on busy, unpaved roads, and a not-too-scenic route past commercial and warehouse units. Not a great first impression of the island! The new promenade or walkway promises to be a much more pleasant experience, following the coast from the current port, past Castillo San José, and on in to Arrecife Centro.

A budget of just under 2 million euros is believed to have been set aside for the project, which is expected to be finished in March 2010. The development forms part of the Tourism Infrastructure Plan (Plan de Infraestructura Turística) 2006-2010, and is being co-financed by the Ministry of Public Works of the Town, headed by Fabian Martin, and the Canary Islands Government.