At the turn of the year, when other news sites and the media in general were whipping up a frenzy about the doom and gloom for the Canary Islands holiday trade, we chose to report the contrary view - that difficult times were ahead for the Eurozone economy and the euro itself, which would IMPROVE the value of the £ back towards historical levels.  Difficult times for the Eurozone economy in turn means opportunities for holidaymakers and anyone else seeking to buy and spend euros rather than pounds.  Other things being equal, then, we should in time see the holiday market turning around again, in response to better rates.

In other words, let's start talking the holiday industry up, not down!

According to the Financial Times, the euro is under pressure because of fears over bad loans, concerns over the exposure of banks in the region, and the central and eastern European economies in particular dragging down the single currency. Many commentators expect that trend to intensify in the future, which will benefit the holiday industry on Lanzarote.