Timanfaya was declared a national park in 1974, and this was given legal status in 1981. It is registered as an area of valuable ecological significance.

Occupying an amazing 51 square km, the entire area is made of lava. The most recent eruptions happened between 1730 to 1736 - yes, that's right, they lasted for 6 whole years! 

The Montañas del Fuego (Fire Mountains),  are the most well known on Timanfaya but there are also names such as - la Caldera del Corazoncillo (Little Heart Cauldron) and the Montaña Rajada (Cracked Mountain).

The park has many places of interest from an scientific and geological perspective, and in some places the temperature is measured at 600°C only 10 metres under the ground.

Apart from the obvious scientific value the site is simply spectacular and is often described as 'lunar' in appearance.

At the visitor dentre in the park you can find El Diablo (the devil), a restaurant that uses the heat still emanating from the volcano to cook on, a truly unique experience.

Bar and Cafeteria open 12.00 to 3:30pm

Tel-  928.84.00.56 / +34 928.84.00.57.

Opening Hours: Daily 9am to 7pm.

Prices: 8€ per adult. Children 7 to 12 years 4€.  Residents discounts also available.

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