The Salinas is clearly visible to the right of the road as you drive from Yaiza towards Playa Blanca. The land was once used for crops, but in 1895 work began on the salt plant as its known today. Development continued up until around 1945 and it has produced as much as 10,000 tonnes of salt per year.  Las Brenas, the village on the mountain overlooking the Salinas, was originally built to house the wealthy salt merchants, and the fabulous views make the village just as sought after today.

Currently around 2,000 tonnes per year is harvested from the Salt Flats - some of it is still used by many local fishermen for the preservation of fish, and it is sold locally as well as exported. You are very likely to find locally produced salt on your "papas arrugadas" (wrinkled potatoes, generally referred to as Canarian Potatoes) in many restaurants.