Casa Pedro fish, seafood restaurant, Playa Blanca, Lanzarote
Casa Pedro is something of an institution in Playa Blanca, established for over 25 years, and therefore pre-dating much of the development of the town that has gone on around it.

To be honest, we have never found fish cooked better on the island. Whilst the service is quite formal, and can sometimes even seem unfriendly, if you like fish you will probably thoroughly enjoy the food.

Whilst Pedro specialises in fish cuisine, some meat dishes are also available. The wine list is also very good, as are the desserts. If your Spanish is good, there are some recipes on their web site!

Open for lunch and dinner, from 1pm to 10 pm.

Calle desconocida, 02 - 35001 Playa Blanca
Tel: 928 00 00 00

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