Cleopatra The Art of Hair, Nails, Beauty, Tanning and Massage

Professional and qualified first class service in all aspects of hairdressing and beauty. Offering manicures, pedicures and nail enhancements, nail art available. Airbrush tanning. New non surgical facial and body lift procedures. Deep tissue and sports remedial massage as well as holistic therapies and relaxing massage. Jeevan and Ayurvedic indian treatments and much much more....

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Said this on 15-08-2010 At 06:59 pm

H do you do male waxing or is there a place in Lanzarote that does.



Said this on 04-03-2011 At 03:29 pm

I was very disappointed with my hand manicure and foot pedicure, in my previous experiences in other salons i have been made to feel relaxed and a valued customer but this was completely the opposite! Furthermore the equipment used was more like something you would make do with in your home and not used in a professional salon!!

My nails were already a nice square shape to start and i was asked if i wanted to keep the shape which i agreed to but they were rounded off and ended up all different lengths probably because she used a file that was very rough and even i could see it should only be used on toe nails not finger so as a consequence my nails have now split !! I had to soak my hands in a large mixing bowl which was very uncomfortable then the cuticle treatment was applied. But what i found very disturbing was that they used the same instruments to cut the skin around my nails as they had just used on another person minutes before  which is a huge health issue!!! Also, the instrument was blunt so i was left with rough bitty skin around my nails! There was no hand massage or hand creams applied and before the treatment was finished i was whisked to the next chair to have my feet done because the person doing my feet(2nd person) needed to be somewhere else. As you can imagine because of time constraints my pedicure was completely rushed, there was no foot massage just a quick file, same instruments used on my hands were used and all the while she was shouting across the shop taking to her colleges and talking on her mobile arranging her sons birthday party again before the treatment was finished a 3rd person was asked to finished my feet and my hands!! the 3rd person was 17and still in college so not even qualified. 

The whole set up was very unprofessional and cost me 42e this treatment would cost £33 in my regular salon where they have the correct equipment, are professional and i get a hand/foot massage, all equipment is sterilised between customers and I am left feeling valued and very relaxed. 

Very disappointing experience!!! But i will say that the 3rd person (the student ) was very good and did her best under the circumstances ! 


Said this on 23-03-2011 At 01:03 pm

hi i been lots of times to cleopatras for beauty treatments and have been more than happy ,best beauty salon in lanzarote by far

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