Holidays in Lanzarote

Holidays in Lanzarote - Enjoy Lanzarote Holidays
Lanzarote Holidays: It is fairly unusual these days for a destination to attract so many holidaymakers that return year after year, and often several times a year.  Lanzarote seems to instill a sense of longing to get back amongst its loyal fans who will have their own reasons for this.  We'd like your reasons on our Holiday Blog , but meanwhile here are some of ours for Holidays in Lanzarote:


  • Year-round warmth and sunshine, with temperatures generally between 20-30 degrees Celsius
  • A laid-back atmosphere, from which to enjoy all manner of holiday pursuits
  • Wonderful range of beaches to enjoy, along with friendly Canarian hospitality
  • Spectacular mountain and coastal scenery, that even changes colour at different times of the day
  • Equally popular with children, young adults, families and older people
  • Great range of entertainment and sports
  • Fantastic for activity holidays like cycling, walking and watersports
  • A rich cultural, historical and geological heritage

What would you add to this list?  Give us your comments in the Holiday Blog for holidays Lanzarote!

Winter Holidays in Lanzarote



The long, grey English winter is liable to bring even the most festive souls down with a bout of winter blues, and heading South for holidays is increasingly popular from October to March.  Lanzarote offers holiday-goers eager to escape the wet and cold a perfect getaway with warm weather and beautiful beaches.