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Aer Lingus Drops Flights to Lanzarote from Gatwick

Barely a year after establishing its new Gatwick hub, Aer Lingus has withdrawn flights to Lanzarote from Gatwick, along with a number of other European routes.

Outlook for Sterling in 2010

For UK residents in Lanzarote, and for the recovery in the tourist industry on the island after last year’s falls, the prospects for Sterling in 2010 are very important indeed, and have a direct effect on spending power on Lanzarote.


We have come across a very good research document published by Hargreaves Lansdown, the UK investment and pension specialists.  Amongst other things, it suggests that the sharp fall in the exchange rate since the end of 2008 may have been overdone as a response to the very high levels of debt that followed the bail out of the banks.  

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