Lanzarote Holidays



It is pretty unusual for a destination to attract so many holidaymakers that return year after year, and often several times a year.  Lanzarote just seems to instill that sense of longing to get back!


And why not? Lanzarote holidays are famous for:


  • Year-round warmth and sunshine, with temperatures generally between 20-30 degrees Celsius
  • A laid-back atmosphere, from which to enjoy all manner of holiday pursuits
  • Wonderful range of beaches to enjoy, along with friendly Canarian hospitality
  • Spectacular mountain and coastal scenery, that even changes colour at different times of the day
  • Equally popular with children, young adults, families and older people
  • Great range of entertainment and sports
  • Fantastic for activity holidays like cycling, walking and watersports
  • A rich cultural, historical and geological heritage


Winter Holidays in Lanzarote

El Golfo Area 079_300.jpg

Heading South for holidays is increasingly popular from October to March as a way of escaping the winter blues in northern Europe.  Lanzarote offers holiday-goers eager to escape the wet and cold a perfect getaway with warm weather and beautiful beaches.   

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